King of the World (2017)

The fourth studio album by NGS. Available to purchase in the web store NOW!

Crash Course... (2007)

"Crash Course In Rock N Roll", the debut album from accolade awarded artists New Generation Superstars. A band who is generating interest from Industry Press and musical peers alike. Grammy nominated Producer Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys/Pulp) worked on the album with the band, helping to capture the gritty, British rock n roll sound that NGS have embraced and incorporated into their own style. "


Track listing: 

1. Come Over

2. Own Sweet Hell

3. Overload

4. Dopefiend

5. Bleed

6. One More

7. Always Gonna Be

8. Done Before

9. How To Hate Friends And Alienate People

10. White Trash

11. Ain't Quite Right

12. Do It Cause I Can 


Raising The Stakes (2009)

The second release with many of the popular live favourites. Again produced by Alan Smyth of 2 Fly Studios. The aptly named “Raising the stakes” , saw the band doing exactly that. With features and reviews appearing in magazines (Kerrang, Big Cheese, Classic Rock and air plays on Bruce Dickinson’s rock show), and high profile shows in the UK, New York.


Track listing:

1) I Won't Stop

2) Nothin' to Lose

3) Addictive

4) Way Back Home

5) Subclass

6) Set You Free

7) Beat Em Down

6) Wipeout

8) Rocker

9) Ai'nt Got Time

10) Star

11) Save me

Rock N Roll or Die (2013)

Third album “Rock N Roll or Die” was a long awaited release by fans, the band giving the album away for FREE for the first week of release, saw over a thousand downloads in this period. The album was released physically at the end of 2013 in a limited edition fan pack, and saw the pledge campaign surpass the 100% goal.

Track listing:

1. Rock ‘N’ Roll Or Die 

2. Bastards 

3. Can’t Live Without Them 

4. Black Heart 

5. Life Of Crime 

6. Hell City 

7. Guess What 

8. My Life

9. The Price 

10. Rockstar 

11. Solid Gold (L.T.G.T.R) 

12. Waste Of Time